Valuable lessons from Covid-19 nightmare

The world has never expected to de-socialize their people but, it has become the order of the day. In this pandemic people are as lonely as linen clothes hanging from the windows. The Covid-19 has more serious effects on health professionals than the common man because they are more vulnerable to contracting the disease as they have to work among a large number of patients. They suffer from depression, anxiety, nightmares and other mental issues. Not only professionals but it is affecting every individual in a different way.

Best possible ways to face pandemic

Get closer to your spiritual side

We all have a spiritual side try to hear your inner voice. We are with a heavy heart which needs a meditation. We can help us by connecting ourselves to GOD and this is the best time of our lives because in routine we normally do not get much time for prayers. To connect your soul to your GOD in this pandemic is a golden opportunity. This will definitely give you peace of mind and will make your heart light.

Give space to everyone and yourself

Due to this pandemic we all are free and we may can get on each other’s nerves easily so try not to irritate other people around you if a person is not feeling comfortable or they are not in a mood to get disturbed leave them alone, everything will be fine and this time shall pass. As the days pass, things will become easier and we will be interacting with outside world soon.

Set a schedule

Add meaning and substance to this unplanned vacation by giving it a routine to keep you mentally, emotionally and physically healthy.

Revive connections

Pandemic has given us the chance to spend more time with family members than any of us can remember spending before. May be it was a call from nature for all of us to spend a quality time with our loved one’s specially to listen to our parents. We should sit together have fun and spend our time doing different activities.

Make personal growth a priority

Make your current life worthwhile by improving yourself. Learn a new skill or overcome your weak areas and work on it. Make a proper schedule to do something every day and a target must to do it. Polish your abilities.

“The secret of change is to focus all of your energy, not on fighting the old, but on building the new.”

Do cheerful things

Spend your time to watch a nice movie or TV show or even documentaries or other things of your interest so that you must spend a good time.

These things, if done with others in the family, will lift everyone’s mood and make it easy to pass this difficult time together.

Keep practicing social distancing and good hygiene

Keep practicing social distancing until everyone is free of this virus. Let the lessons you learn about germs, hygiene and health be a permanent habit. Keep inside your homes and keep safe!

Tackling the trauma of the loss of jobs

Many men and women have lost their jobs and suffered a big decline in income due to lockdown. Loss of jobs and income has created trouble and depression for people and this situation is leading to frequent quarrels within families especially between a man and wife.

Valuable lessons from Covid-19

· Do not forget GOD in the hustle of the world.

· Life is precious.

· Health is the most important thing ever.

· We learned the real value of our loved ones.

· We have improved our digital skills and learned many new things in this free time.

· At the end of the day, life is an individual war until death so we are also getting prepared for this that we have to struggle alone.

· It taught us how to be patient with our parents.

· How to entertain ourselves.

· Staying busy is a blessing as we always wished to skip our work but now we wish we might have some work to do.

· Humans need social interaction and it is hard for them to live alone.

· Do not give up on your bad time because being strong gives us enough energy to fight with anything.

· Mostly strong people around the world defeated this disease so stay optimistic and strong.

· Indeed we need money for the basic needs of life but do not waste your precious life just to run behind money because there are so many other things important and at the end what matters is you.

· The world should unite.

· Be positive.

· Stay focused.

· Never stop believing as this time shall also pass.

· Humanity is together in all this.

A hope

Hope always persists. If we look at our blessings, we will not be so depressed about staying home and giving up life as we have always known it. There are many people in Kashmir, Syria and Palestine where people are forcefully deprived of their freedom and living a dark life with little hope. The have been in lockdown for a long period of time and with lack of resources. There is much that we can do with our time as we stay home with our family, we just need to develop a new mindset and to be habitual of it and to try different ways that we never tried before.

“Life doesn’t get easier or more forgiving we get stronger and more resilient.”


Nothing lasts forever. Indeed we felt a mixture of great feelings depression, anxiety, excitement, heartbroken, sad and hopeful all at once. Soon we will hear good news. Be patient during this time and work on yourself. Prepare yourself for the future hoping that something good is on your way. Keeping ourselves and others safe is the best thing to do now. Regional conflicts should be settled readily to play the part in making the world a suitable place to live. Peace and prosperity should be at the disposal of not only for the developed countries but also for the developing countries alike.




Content writer , blogger , Economist

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Sundas naz

Sundas naz

Content writer , blogger , Economist

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